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Destination image and increased sales


Poland-wide E.Leclerc network campaign
E.Leclerc is a chain of super and hypermarkets with the longest operation history in Poland. 43 stores are located in 39 cities across 16 provinces. The chain also includes 12 gas stations. It was the first supermarket chain in Poland to launch sales via Internet in the following cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Lublin, Rzeszów, Radom, Katowice and Elbląg.  

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Campaigns for OBI Polska in 2014-2018

The main objective of our campaign for the DIY store OBI was to reach the clients interested in home improvement, gardening, and interior decoration.

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Yearlong image campaign for the nationwide hypermarket chain E.Leclerc in 2014

E.Leclerc is the longest functioning hypermarket chain in Poland, therefore the main objective of the marketing campaign was to create a modern image of the company and to develop positive relationships with its current and potential customers. The advertising activities were also meant to increase brand equity and lead to an increase in sales.

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KEN Center


Yearlong image campaign for Galeria KEN Center: ‘Let’s meet!’

In our co-operation with the Galeria KEN Center shopping centre, the priority was to reach the people living in the Ursynów district in Warsaw, in which the building is located.

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