Poland-wide E.Leclerc network campaign
E.Leclerc is a chain of super and hypermarkets with the longest operation history in Poland. 43 stores are located in 39 cities across 16 provinces. The chain also includes 12 gas stations. It was the first supermarket chain in Poland to launch sales via Internet in the following cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Lublin, Rzeszów, Radom, Katowice and Elbląg.  

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Early this year we have faced quite a challenge. Innovative ideas, many hours of "brainstorming" combined with hard work of the entire team of experts have won the tender to provide a Poland-wide campaign for the chain of hyper and supermarkets E.Leclerc.
Our task was to develop a strategy and creative concept of the campaign. We were responsible for comprehensive execution and production of TV and radio spots as well as development and preparation of all graphic designs.
The objective of the integrated campaign was to increase brand awareness, to highlight its strengths and to present its unique benefits to potential customers.

Actions taken
As part of the campaign, we developed a series of advertising creations presenting key values of ​​E.Leclerc brand. Thanks to characteristics of the media and their consumption by the target group, unique messages have been created. Through refining the message in view of the media we have reached just the intended audience, increase their interest in the presented content and strengthen their loyalty. Various themes of subsequent campaign editions developed based on seasonal specificity and characteristics of the FMCG industry allowed us to achieve sales objectives.

TV and Internet
We made the protagonists of the TV spots members of a typical Polish family, i.e. customers of E.Leclerc stores. Each of them was supposed to represent the features informing the philosophy of the brand. The spots were prepared in two versions: for TV and for the web (longer version). Original catchy scenarios at the same time attract viewers' attention, they help understand the message, they raise awareness of the brand and present it with a pleasant twist. In addition to the image spot, we produced videos for holiday campaigns (Easter, Christmas), Our regions have talent (to emphasize the quality and varied offer available in stores and commitment of the brand in local issues), Big Bang (communication of regular and unique price promotion), Festivals: Italian and French.
The spots were broadcast in Poland-wide and thematic channels. Internet versions were posted on Youtube, on Facebook and on the E.Leclerc website.
For the first time in a television campaign feature spots were prepared for E.Leclerc chain. Brief, homey situations from family life were supplemented with animated product boards informing about the best promotions.  

  • E.Leclerc Big Bang
  • Dni włoskie E.Leclerc
  • E.Leclerc wciągające promocje
  • E.Leclerc Produkty regionalne
  • Wielkanoc E.Leclerc
  • Dni francuskie

Advertising brochures
The key part in the Poland-wide campaign was played by advertising brochures. Our task was to design layouts for seasonal, thematic and special campaigns. The projects used copyright design photos taken in our photographic studio. In addition, special campaigns were supported by POS materials (e.g. posters, wobblers, shelf talkers, price strips, stickers, cash desk dividers).

  • 001_BIG_BANG_1_01
  • 001_FESTIWAL_FR_01
  • 001_NRT_01

The campaign was further enhanced and supplemented by radio ads. Our spots highlighted the price offer and they were designed to present the benefits of online shopping. They were in line with sales targets as an additional incentive to do shopping. The ads were broadcast in RMF, RMF MAXXX and Classic.

  • E.Leclerc Big Bang
  • E.Leclerc nasze Regiony

Everyday newspapers and magazines were used as an additional communication channel. When creating a layout, we were focused on emphasizing the uniqueness of the offer, while giving as much information as possible about products and promotions. The campaign was conducted in Poland-wide press and the advertisements appeared e.g. in Gazeta Wyborcza, Fakt, Fakt TV and Super Express.

A Poland-wide campaign was supported by outdoor advertising and BTL activities.

  • FAKT_TV_big_19_05_druk
  • GW_DNI_FRANCUSKIE_29_02_druk
  • regiony_DRUK

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