Preparation of a campaign for PKP Intercity on the occasion of launching Pendolino trains: ‘Trains for the new era.’

The biggest priority of our advertising campaign for PKP Intercity was to inform the passengers of Polish trains about the possibility to travel by Pendolino and to interest them in this option.

We also presented to the customers the benefits of choosing the new trains, which include reducing the travel time without lowering the quality of travel as well as its affordable price.

Our task was to organise an event accompanying the introduction of Pendolino to the Polish railroads.

When carrying out or task, we prepared a cohesive promotional action, including:

  • visual designs;
  • organising a press office and VIP lounge;
  • film and photo reportage;
  • handing out souvenirs (e.g. T-shirts, colouring books, and jigsaw puzzles) to passengers by hostesses and organising games both on the train and the Central Railway Station in Warsaw. 


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